2021-01-22 | 06:19:07

Always Ask an Expert!

 Yesterday,  our local newspaper, The Milton Champion, printed an article titled ‘Dangers of Your House Mortgage’ by Peter Watson. Having been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years I couldn’t help but read the piece.https://www...

2021-01-08 | 10:30:17

Canadian Real Estate Update for 2021

Happy New Year! We hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe. We feel very privileged to have provided mortgage solutions to so many clients in such a challenging year and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2021.The link below has some...

2020-11-02 | 05:36:26

Economic Update – November 2020: Interest Rates

Last week, the Bank of Canada left its overnight benchmark rate unchanged at what it describes as its “lower bound” of ¼ percent. As a result, the Bank Prime Rate remains at 2.45%.This decision was expected and is therefore not newsworthy. What...

2020-10-06 | 13:23:51

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving whatever that looks like for you this year.  We are glad to have all of our boys home and safe during this crazy pandemic and will be celebrating with a...

2020-09-23 | 10:53:06

Five Reasons Why Canadians Have Little Reason To Fear A Housing Crash

One of the questions I get asked the most is: ‘what is going to happen with the real estate market?’I’m an optimist at heart, so I have always tuned out the doomsday predictions that the market is going to crash hard at some point. Below is a...

2020-09-10 | 08:14:06

Team Duggan Mortgage Update - September 10, 2020

 ***this is an update of an article I wrote several years ago that is now more relevant than ever due to the current interest rate environment. If you only have time to read a bit of it – skip down to the paragraph called ‘UNFAIR PENALTIES’....

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