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Why Use A Broker?

There are lots of reasons to use a Mortgage Broker, but the the main one is that your mortgage broker works for you, not for the lenders. As an independent professional who works for you, your Mortgage Broker has access to many different lenders and knows about the various mortgage products each lender offers. That means you get the mortgage that best serves your needs. In almost all cases, there is no cost to you.

Your Mortgage Broker Protects Your Credit Score

Each time you apply for a mortgage, a credit check appears on your credit report. If you shop around on your own and apply to three different lenders, three separate credit checks will show up on your credit report, which can lower your credit score. When you apply for a mortgage through your Mortgage Broker, he or she does one credit check which is accepted by all lenders, so your Mortgage Broker can shop around for you with only a single credit check appearing on your credit report which helps to protect your credit score.

Your Mortgage Broker Understands Your Needs

During the application process, your Mortgage Broker will ask you questions in order to get a complete picture of your circumstances. This will help him or her to figure out what mortgage strategy fits your needs the best. Many people don’t realize that a mortgage is about a lot more than the face interest rate. Your Mortgage Broker will always get you the best rate you qualify for, no matter what, but there’s a lot more to it than that. There are many different kinds of mortgage products designed for all kinds of different circumstances, financial goals, life changes, etc. To your Mortgage Broker, you are a person, not a loan number, so you will get the mortgaage that’s best for you, not the mortgage that’s best for the lender.

Ongoing Support

When you use a Mortgage Broker, you have a dedicated professional who continues to watch out for you even after your purchase, refinance or renewal closes. If you need to make changes to your payments, your Mortgage Broker will take care of it for you. If it makes sense to lock your variable rate mortgage in to a fixed rate, your Mortgage Broker will let you know. Your Mortgage Broker will make sure you are kept up to date on important developments that could affect your financial well-being. You can rest easy knowing that someone is watching out for you even after closing.

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