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About Team Duggan

Team Duggan Mortgage is a licensed mortgage agency that arranges both residential and commercial mortgages for its clients. We work Canada-wide.

Our first principle is that honesty and integrity must come first. Our independence allows us to work with many different lenders instead of being tied to just one. That, along with our strong values and commitment to our clients’ success and well being ensures that our clients always get the mortgage that is best for them, not the mortgage that any particular lender is trying to push at the moment. You’ll only get what’s best for you.

At Team DugganMortgage, our business is about people, not numbers. People are not numbers and lives are not just about numbers. Everyone is unique and each situation is different. Realistically, all brokers have access to the same rates so there won’t be much difference in rate no matter which broker you go to. There’s a lot more to a mortgage than the rate though, and that’s where Team Duggan Mortgage stands out. At Team Duggan Mortgage, we take the time to understand your current financial situation, your goals and your plans so that we can make sure you get the right mortgage product to fit your needs.

Our business is about people, not numbers, so we want each of our clients to feel like they’re our only client. We’ll take care of you for the entire life of your mortgage, not just until closing. At Team Duggan Mortgage, its about you.

Sometimes you just need it done right. When it’s about your mortgage, Team Duggan Mortgage is the place to go.

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Team Duggan is a licensed agency of Mortgage Centre-Rochbury.
FSCO Mortgage Brokerage Licence # 10495
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